Welcome to the companion website for the International Handbook of Action Research! The Handbook brings together the work of 87 authors from around the world. The website provides additional information about the Handbook authors and their work and suggests topics for ongoing dialogue about the Handbook’s contents among members of the global action research community. We hope to stimulate further dialogue among action researchers, to address critical issues in global action research, to respond to feedback on the Handbook, and to continue developing the themes presented in the Handbook’s six sections. Our hope as the Handbook editors is that, through this website, the print manuscript will become a living document that contributes to the further global development of action research, participatory research and practitioner research in all their varied forms. Overall, the Handbook website aims to enhance global knowledge democracy and knowledge mobilization. We hope you enjoy this companion to the Handbook and we welcome your feedback.

  • Lonnie Rowell, Catherine Bruce, Joseph Shosh, & Margaret Riel, Editors, International Handbook of Action Research