Michelle Fine, New York, United States

In these “revolting times,” the International Handbook of Action Research archives the radical possibilities of action research within and across communities; between universities and local activists, and draws on a spectrum of epistemologies and political projects.  Situated within a range of communities across the globe, these essays reveal, with complexity and humility, how researchers, practitioners and activists … Continue reading Michelle Fine, New York, United States

George Vera, Maracaibo, Venezuela

As the 21 century moves forward, worldwide concerns about finding ways of making ourselves better while reaching a higher level of civilization are getting more attention in academic and non-academic spaces. Life as we know it is heading to extinction if we do not find answers to a huge number of problems associated with life … Continue reading George Vera, Maracaibo, Venezuela

Keith Punch, Perth, Australia

An extremely impressive piece of work, which provides essential reading and reference material to support the large and growing world-wide interest in AR.  It is both timely and comprehensive, showing the diversity of present day AR, while also addressing its history, context, challenges and future.  I congratulate the editors and contributors. Professor Keith Punch University … Continue reading Keith Punch, Perth, Australia

Bridget Somekh, Manchester, United Kingdom

The Palgrave International Handbook of Action Research combines chapters from internationally renowned scholars with case studies of action research practice from around the world. It provides new understandings of action research theory alongside histories of the key strands of action research in northern and southern contexts. There are chapters on all the main action research … Continue reading Bridget Somekh, Manchester, United Kingdom

Steve Neumann, Pennsylvania, United States

"I’m really enjoying these selections from the Palgrave Handbook of Action Research. I love that it promotes teachers as intellectuals—and philosophers. The introduction and part I of the Handbook really whet my appetite for the whole thing, and I can’t wait to dive deeper into it." - Steve Neumann, MAT & Teacher Research Leadership Fellow, … Continue reading Steve Neumann, Pennsylvania, United States