Catherine D. Bruce, Ontario, Canada

Comments from Cathy Bruce as an editor:

  1. I learned so much through the process of being an editor for this International handbook – it is an incredible process of inserting oneself into the texts and the contexts, to make sense of the experiences, research and actions of others around the world.
  2. Reading the chapters was an incredibly educative experience – the handbook addressed many scoial issues including community engagement, school improvement,  ational histories, grass roots initiatives and resounding examples of problem posing, reframing activities, and active collaborations: I encourage others to “read and be amazed!”
  3. There is a wide range of examples of action research in this handbook. In it you will find forms of resonance and dissonance, peace and strife, cautions and celebrations. You will find yourself and your work reflected in the work of others in the handbook chapters, and you will also confront your own world view and experiences by reading about other world views and experiences that are very different from your own.
  4. Those new to action research will be able to use this handbook to situate their work. The histories of action research from various nations are unique and unparalleled. So novice action researchers, and writers, can really contextualize their work within the very large body of action research work going on internationally., nationally and locally.
  5. Being an editor of this handbook was humbling and frightening, but also restorative. It was a tremendous undertaking that required significant time and energy but also some fairly extreme mental stretching. The restorative part of the work was found in the hope it inspired in me, and the other editors of this project. There is a clear and productive pathway to deeper understanding, social improvements, and knowledge democracy through action research – and that hope lives and breathes in this International Handbook on Action Research.

Catherine D. Bruce, Dean

School of Education, Trent University