George Vera, Maracaibo, Venezuela

As the 21 century moves forward, worldwide concerns about finding ways of making ourselves better while reaching a higher level of civilization are getting more attention in academic and non-academic spaces. Life as we know it is heading to extinction if we do not find answers to a huge number of problems associated with life and living on this small home called planet Earth. Within this context, The International Handbook of Action Research is an extraordinary source of inspirational and shared-wisdom by which scholars, educators, politicians, activists, and others interested in participating actively can learn more about finding and using emancipatory ways of knowing, understanding, and constructing together a better and more humane World.  Accordingly, there is no doubt that by revising, sharing, and applying the numerous and fresh action research perspectives, which are discussed in-depth in the Handbook, we will be taking new and innovative steps toward the common goal of making ourselves and our society a better and more peaceful living world.

George Vera, PhD

Professor Emeritus

Theories and Practices of Qualitative Research Traditions Group Founder

Graduate Study Division, College of Humanities and Education

University of Zulia, Maracaibo, Venezuela